Suzanne Donaldson-Stephens, Owner

Donaldson Enterprises is a Native American Woman owned business. Suzanne Donaldson-Stephens has over 8 years of experience in the Architectural, Engineering and Construction Industry working with large firms, small minority owned firms and government agencies.  Her roles include outreaching and networking coordination to WBE, MBE, DBE, ESB, Section 3 businesses and employees, monitoring apprenticeship utilization, and assisting with Community Participation Plans, implementation and monitoring on Public and Private Projects where the owner sees the value of inclusivity. She uses her expertise and experience for motivational speaking and mentoring.  Ms Donaldson-Stephens is recognized in the community as a small business advocate while working with large owners and clients in an effort to exceed contracting goals in a team effort.  

As a proud member of the Cowlitz Indian Tribe, she is active politically and culturally.  Suzanne is a member of the Kinswa Family. Ike Kinswa State Park is named after her great grandfather. Members of her family are enrolled Umatilla, Yakama, Warm Springs and Paiute; to name a few. She has served on Tribal Council and has been very active politically and culturally for over 15 years and is a budding artist. She loves to drum, dance, sing, make jewelry and spend time with family and friends.       

                        Tribal Council Member (June 06 – June 09)       

                        2011 Tribal Recognition Celebration—Appointed       

                        Pow Wow Committee Member 2005 – Current       

                        Pow Wow Committee Chair 2006-Current      

                        Cultural Resource Board – appointed 2008—Current       

                        Elders Program Assistant 2004 – Current       

                        Education Committee 2005 – Current       

                        Federal Acknowledgement Delegation to WA DC 2000       

                        Cowlitz Canoe participant       

                        Personnel Committee Co-Chair 1996-1997       

                        Social Services Committee Chair 1996-1998       

                        Tribal Newsletter Committee 2011-current


APPRENTICESHIP: Coordinate with the Prime Contractor or CM/CG and all the subcontractors regarding the utilization of apprentices on the project when appropriate.

DIVERSE WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT: Encourage and assist contractors to utilize minority and women employees when the opportunities present themselves.

CERTIFICATION CONSULTING: Consult with small and medium sized business owners to determine if they meet the certification criteria. If so, provide consulting with the paperwork and proper documentation necessary to submit to the certification agency. Provide mentoring through the process.

RFP/RFQ ASSISTANCE: Work with large contractors and engineering firms to provide outreach in advance of a submittal to identify scopes of work that may be performed by DMWESB firms. Plan and implement Open Houses and document all activities.

TRAINING/MENTORING: Provide training on various topics as needed. Mentor businesses or individuals on outreach, business plans, marketing plans, presentation skills, appearance, business development coaching and documentation.

MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKING: Available to motivate groups of women, minority and emerging small businesses to reach for their full potential.